L’équipe TOUCHANDPLAY est composée de personnalités complémentaires, connectées et animées par la volonté d’aider le monde de la restauration.

nos solutions client, notre amour du collectif dans une ambiance détendue, notre côté aventurier et enfin notre attachement à l’éthique en toute circonstance.

Specialising in organisation, installation and training for management and customer support systems, you will work alongside the technical team on implementing our solutions on our customers’ premises, and will be responsible for:

As part of the technical team, your activities will be shared between :



  • coordinating the installation project with the customer and providers
  • preparing the installation material
  • implementing the solution on the customer’s premises and training teams



  • answering customer requests about blocking positions
  • ensuring troubleshooting follow-up


Do you have proven experience in these functions and are you familiar with the catering sector? Why wait? Join us on our adventure!

Our first mission is to support the enterprise and its development.

While maintaining a creative side and a desire to see cross-sectional activities from a new perspective, we are striving daily to meet our obligations and go the extra mile. We are building a solid infrastructure while maintaining a far-sighted approach and moulding the team through collective actions.


Lastly, we are sharing our success, our favourites or our partnerships with our community of users who drive us to constantly improve ourselves. Our creativity and our desire to share and change the world knows no limits.


Do you like versatility and know how to adapt to change? What are you waiting for? Work alongside us on the model of tomorrow’s society!

Work on our structures, work with new languages, take part in the development of new solutions on a daily basis.

Immerse yourself in the heart of our technical team, whose eyes light up when talking about code and who cultivate a cheerful atmosphere, and take part in the creation and/or correction of features of the platform and application on iOS devices.


You have the ability to be an independent player in the technical developments and are waiting to take part in a genuine collaborative enterprise project, bringing your opinion of the functional and technical design of the existing solution or future model. You share your ideas about potential innovations to be developed on our platforms.


You have some experience in the development of iOS apps, ideally acquired while working in a start-up or a small business unit. What are you waiting for? Join us!

Work on evolutions in the sector and its conservation practices, propose innovative solutions to develop our customers’ activity. You don’t want to be selling just a simple product, but a real solution.


You are our ambassador for change, and under this title, you will build a special relationship with our customers and potential clients. You attach great important to the consulting assignment and know how to development a customer relationship based on sincerity and the “win-win” principle.


Are you looking for new challenges, and do you wish to develop the commercial role of the company? If this is you, then what are you waiting for? Join us and become a company representative!